error #1117 "too many columns"

Hi all,

I came across this great site just today, while i was googling for a solution to my mysql problem…ive searched everywhere for a solution but havent found it!

I have a whole lot of coloumns in my table and i have to add more to it…but now its giving an error #1117 “too many coloums”, and i cant add any more coloumns to the table…is there any way to get around this???

I’ve searched a lot, even went to this page,,39908,40628#msg-40628 (which was the closest ive been to finding out about the problem)but it didnt solve anything…

I’m using mysql version 5.0.21

Thanks for the help in advance!

Have a great day and please reply, i’ll very much appreciate any help i can get!



I have the same problem. There are two very similar environments, same MYISAM tables. Our table has 932 columns and we wanted to extend it with 16 new columns. After executing the following statement we managed to add the new columns without any problems:

ALTER TABLE ourtablename AVG_ROW_LENGTH=8192, MAX_ROWS=16777216;

In fact we have about a million records and the MYD file size is 1.7Gbytes. So the real average row length is much lower than this limit.

Anyway, this trick solved the problem in environment #1 but did not solve in environment #2. We are still looking for the reason why.

(I have just realized that your post is a bit old… :))