ERROR 1045 after Installation

I am using the XtraDB cluster for the first time in my Lap for my pharmacy app. I had this Error 1045 with the root command.

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Hi Charles, can you describe what you are trying to do in more detail? commands executed, etc.

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Hi charles,

Error 1045 is related to “Access denied” error.

When you install MySQL for the first time (on versions 5.7 and newer), a random password is written on the error.log which you need to use the first time to log into MySQL. Watch out for special characters as you might need to “quote” the password to be able to use it

Last, if you get locked out of MySQL you can use the last part of the following blogpost to reset “root” password: Fixing MySQL 1045 Error: Access Denied - Percona Database Performance Blog


  1. Connecting to the wrong host:
  2. User does not exist:
  3. User exists but the client host does not have permission to connect:
  4. Password is wrong, or the user forgot his password:
  5. Special characters in the password being converted by Bash:
  6. SSL is required but the client is not using it:
  7. PAM backend not working: