Does pt-table-checksum need access to the slave?

This sems an awfully dumb question, but I can’t see the answer to it. Does pt-table-checksum need access to the slave? Every time I run it, a message is displayed “Diffs cannot be detected because no slaves were found”. It seems happy that it is connecting to the local (master) DB, and if I connect to the DB, then processlist includes:
1884 | replicator | localhost:57545 | NULL | Binlog Dump | 108036 | Master has sent all binlog to slave; waiting for binlog to be updated | NULL
and show slave hosts gives:
101 | | 3306 | 1
Now it is certainly not possible to connect to the slave. It is heavily firewalled with an SSH tunnel to the master which will not work in the opposite direction. (All deliberate!) Is it possible to run pt-table-checksum in that environment, or do I have to provide the ability to connect to the slave?


You can specify to skip checking the slaves.

According to the documentation here:


Is that a “yes”?

Yo can run it but it won’t generate diff against the slaves.