Documentation indicates a "keep" function for backups that seems to not exist.

I've been reading documentation on how to setup backups for mongodb using the mongodb operator. This page: describes adding a `schedule` section and adding a `keep` property.

But, looking at other documentation pages, and the example code, backup scheduling should use a `tasks` section, and there's no other mention of a `keep` property. I'm not a go expert by any means, but looking at the code, it seems like maybe this `keep` feature doesn't exist yet.

Is there another way to only keep ## number of backups from scheduled backups? This feature would be really useful, so I don't have to periodically go in and cleanup ancient backups.

Hey @dwene,
For comparison, PXC for K8S supports this:
You are right to open a JIRA for MongoDB K8S support. I’ll pass this post along again to see if I can get you an official statement/status.

Yea! That’s what I’m looking for, something like that. Thanks for the confirmation I’m not missing something! Thanks for the help!