Do I need to restart MySQL after Importing from Xtrabackup

We are running Percona server 5.5.22 and Xtrabackup 2.0.1 right now. My question is - do I need to restart MySQL after Importing a table from a previous Export?

The document didn’t mention that at all: ing_importing_tables.html?id=percona-xtrabackup:xtrabackup:e xport_and_import#importing-the-table

In practice, however, I found out I had to restart the server after an Import. Otherwise, I can only see the table’s meta-data but a “SELECT * FROM that_table” only returns empty.

This wasn’t a problem when the server was dedicated to one group of user. Now that is being more public, having to restart for one group disrupts others.

Am I doing something wrong or miss configured something? Or the documentation mentioned above is incomplete?



A restart should not be necessary. Do you run the IMPORT TABLESPACE query?

Yes. I did. I don’t suppose I need to call “COMMIT” as it is a DDL