Disk I/o overload issues

When I’m running mysqlcheck - - a - -Z I found out that I’m having disk overload report when this job is running. Thereby causing replication lag. I have looked online and I found some few solutions.
Like using some certain options like - - quick , optimize the table before running mysqlcheck.

I will like to know if there are other suggestions or solutions.
Im running mariadb 10.3. 36. The tables aren’t defragmented.

mysqlcheck does an intensive analysis of each table, including full table scans of every page of data. It is normal to see high disk utilization because of what the tool is doing.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this tool? (ie: why are you running it?)

it’s actually doing maintenance, gathering and updating the statistics( table dependent )

Yea, but that’s not how you update statistics in modern MySQL/MariaDB. You can simply use ANALYZE TABLE via SQL which won’t lock the table like mysqlcheck does.