Disabing/Enabling Dashboards

Hi there,
The docs state
“In PMM, you can disable the dashboards that you do not require. They will disappear from the Dashboard Dropdown
list. You can enable them back again”

Can anyone direct me as to where I can do this as I cant sem to find it at all.

User story:
As a user
I would like to
disable/remove the dashboards that Im not interested in (MongoDB,HA,Cloud, Insight)
so that
I am only presented with relevant choices.



Hi Conor,
There is a reference here to removing dashboards https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-…loy/index.html
It mentions

Can you see if that’s what you need?

You might also get something from this recent blog post https://www.percona.com/blog/2018/03…ng-management/

Also, there’s a PMM start command and a corresponding PMM stop
For example to stop MongoDB metrics collection

pmm-admin stop mongodb:metrics 

This page might help https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-…mm-admin-start there is a list of services at the end of that, you can also refer to this page for the admin options https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-…-admin-options

If that’s not quite what you need, could you maybe take a look at https://pmmdemo.percona.com/ and see which of the examples you want to emulate? Then I can ask the team directly how they achieve that presentation.

Hope this helps?