different language data in database

hi all,
I need to put russian data record in db in mysql server, but the record didn’t show normal character for russian, and i can’t query expected output for the russian data, is there any config or solution to solve it ? thanks!

What is the result of this query:

in the database, it is many ? character.
in the web page after query, it is many odd character.

Thats not the proper answer.
You were supposed to type that statement
into your client.

MySQL uses UTF-8 so there should be (in principle) no problem with a russian data-set.

The only help I can provide now is suggesting this query before any INSERT or any SELECT:

SET NAMES ‘utf8’

This also assumes your HTML pages are outputted in UTF-8, that you input correct UTF-8 and that your MySQL configuration is also set to UTF-8.