difference between Percona XtraDB cluster and Galera Cluster

Dear gurus,

We’re moving from standard Mysql cluster (Oracle) to other products for our Backend system. Which are chosen are Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) and Galera Cluster. I still have a blur between 2 products.

Does PXC and Galera Cluster is the SAME product ?

If not, does PXC used Galera library for Cluster partition ?

What is difference between Percona XtraDB cluster and Galera Cluster on Performance, HA, which one should be chosen ?

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Is that true, if the more number of writes operations come in database, the more degration affected to performance if there have many nodes of DB in cluster ?

You may use Galera library with vanilla MySQL + wsrep patches or you may use Galera lib with Percona Server + wsrep patches. PXC is the latter. But Galera library is the same.

The number of nodes does not affect write performance. The distance (network round-trip) does.
Even if the network noise it big due to large number of cluster members, you may limit it by using Galera segments.

Dear mr przemek,

Thanks for your reply to my question. So, may be we will chose PXC for the Database cluster if between PXC and Galera cluster is not has any big different in functional.

About write operations affect to the Cluster, we just want to sure the performance will be ok if we add more node to cluster with more write operations increase by days.

Thanks again

We are used to doing with Oracle but very new with Mysql database. Before we try to work with standard Mysql (Oracle) but there are a few of forum like this for asking.
So, may i have you email or skype to ask more about Mysql, Percona, etc… If you dont mind .