database link between mysql servers


I know that is not possible to create a database link between mysql servers. Is there some function or trick to solve the problem without using federated engine.?

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No, federated engine is what you use to query tables on a remote server as if they where local, if that was what you where referring to.

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It is possible to link between MySQL server with MSSQL Server.
Try read below link which is explain how to. erver_in_MS_SQL_Server?ID=6&article=6

johan wrote on Sat, 25 December 2010 02:27

Except that is not between two MySQL servers, that is between a MySQL server and a MSSQL server.
And you can only get access to the MySQL databases in the MSSQL server and not the other way around.
So even if you connect one MSSQL server to two MySQL servers you still would not have access to the other MySQL server from the first.