Data at rest Encryption issue - MySQL 8.0.23


I am trying to enable Data at rest Encryption for mysql 8.0.23 version percona server innodb cluster.

used below hashicorp vault details in keyring_vault.conf for all the 3 nodes with diff secret_mount_point details.

**vault_url = <vaulturl>**
**secret_mount_point = secret/mysql/poc**
**secret_mount_point_version = 2**
**token = *********************
**vault_ca = /mysql/ca.pem**

getting below errors in logfile when i try to start

2021-06-08T08:58:07.161680Z 0 [Warning] [MY-011197] [Server] Plugin keyring_vault reported: 'Probing secret for being a mount point unsuccessful - skipped.'
2021-06-08T08:58:07.177507Z 0 [Warning] [MY-011197] [Server] Plugin keyring_vault reported: 'Probing secret/mysql for being a mount point unsuccessful - skipped.'
2021-06-08T08:58:07.192492Z 0 [Warning] [MY-011197] [Server] Plugin keyring_vault reported: 'Probing secret/mysql/poc for being a mount point unsuccessful - skipped.'
2021-06-08T08:58:07.192547Z 0 [System] [MY-011197] [Server] Plugin keyring_vault reported: 'Auto-detected mount point version is not the same as specified in 'secret_mount_point_version'.'
2021-06-08T08:58:07.192603Z 0 [System] [MY-011197] [Server] Plugin keyring_vault reported: 'keyring_vault initialization failure. Please check that the keyring_vault_config_file points to readable keyring_vault configuration file. Please also make sure Vault is running and accessible. The keyring_vault will stay unusable until correct configuration file gets provided.'

config option:


Any inputs on how to use vault config properly for engine version2.

Note: Namespace is enabled in vault . when i try to get keys from API  *<vault_url>/v1/secret/metadata/mysql/poc?list=True* works fine.

with same details

Vault config:

vault_url = <vault_url>
secret_mount_point = secret/mysql/poc
secret_mount_point_version = 2
token = *********************
vault_ca = /mysql/ca.pem