culled one slave site faster

Hi, i have a setup with MMM, 2 masters 3 slaves. recently i decided to bring down one slave that wasn’t behaving too well. to my dismay I found that the avg load time of the page decreased from 80/100ms to 70/80ms. the traffic we have is always the same, and I have everything monitored with chartbeat newrelic and google analytics, so apparently: no change in traffic, one slave offline, better speed with mysql, no more flapping on MMM. any idea? cheers

The replication thread (single threaded) had to handle 2/3 of the writes in the initial situation, but only 1/2 in the new situation. So, the replication thread has become less busy. On the other hand, the number of reads and (direct) writes has increased. Perconas MySQL cacti templates give insight in what is happening inside MySQL.

It is hard to say why avg load time of your page has decreased. It would be more interesting to look at (server side) page generation time. Maybe the avg loading time was affected by the badly behaving slave server.