Cross Region Replication for MongoDB


I’m testing out the cross-region replication feature in Percona for MongoDB

I’ve been following this blog - Disaster Recovery for MongoDB on Kubernetes - Percona Database Performance Blog which is very helpful to test cross-region setup & try failover to backup MongoDB cluster. However, this blog doesn’t mention about MCS feature

This is the only link I could find in Percona docs - Set up Percona Server for MongoDB cross-site replication, which doesn’t have detail around testing rollover to backup cluster

Based on my trial & errors so far, I had a couple questions for the Percona Support Team -

  1. Is MCS reqd for cross-region replication? (Probably the blog entry was before MCS was started)
  2. The replica cluster (unmanaged) I deploy to secondary region has all PODs Running but the “mongos” PODs have 0 ready. Is this expected? PFB Image -
  3. I’m able to login to Primary Mongo cluster using the “userAdmin” credentials from secrets file, however I’m unable to login to backup/replica cluster when trying the same credentials (userAdmin or clusterAdmin). I’ve confirmed the credentials in secrets file is the same for replica cluster, but it keeps failing with “Authentication Failed”

Any guidance or reference will be really helpful…

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@Nikhil_Rana moving this discussion to Operator forum.

As discussed today in a call, seems the issue is with certificate mismatch.
Also you are playing with unreleased version 1.13 - good idea to try version 1.12 first.

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