Create merge table using unpriviledge user

Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone could please help me out/point me in the right direction. I am pretty new to MySQL and having the following problem. We have users which have access to their own personal db’s for example user01 has full access to user01db and so on. Now we have other dbs which they only have read access to(example: company1db).

The problem is that users like user01 need to be able to create merge tables from the db which they only have read permissions on (company1db). I was thinking that they would be able to create/update the table they create in their own db and have the merge data sit there. But when attempting to create a merge table they get the following error: ERROR 1142 (42000): UPDATE,DELETE command denied to user ‘user01’@‘localhost’ .

Is there anyway to have the users create merge tables on their own/ (dbs which they have full rights on)from data on a db they have read only rights on? If so how, if not is there a better work around.

Please let me know if you need any more information from me.
thank you very much in advance.


From MERGE engine documentation:

You can use SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, and INSERT on MERGE tables. You must have SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE privileges on the MyISAM tables that you map to a MERGE table. html