Create Dashboard in Grafana with Prometheus as Datasource and Linux,Windows as client machine

Use Case:

Warning at 89%, Alarm at 90%

§  Memory utilization                          Warning at 90%, Alarm at 95%

§  File System utilization                     Warning at 90%, Alarm at 95%

§  System messages (ex. Errors in /var/log/messages)          Any critical errors reported in logs

§  Disk INODE utilization                     Warning at 90%, Alarm at 95%

§  System process monitoring (ex. Set of services on a server if they are running or not)  Alarm if services are not running.

§  Server Network Interface Up or Down     (Alarm if server doesn’t respond)

A Dashboard should display all the servers on the left and metrics on the right.

The server which has a problem should send out an Email Alert also show in RED icon.

Dear @Fiddu1221
I recommend that you try to install PMM and configure Alerting. This blog post can help you: