crash while attempting to drop database


We recently upgraded from MySQL 5.x to Percona Server 5.5

The system is RHEL 5.3 x64 under Virtuozzo. The VE has no limits on hardware (it is the only VE running on host) and has 34 GB of RAM.

The ‘upgrade’ was done via setting up new server (virtual machine, actually), and then transferring innoDB files via Xtrabackup and opying the appropriate .frm files/folders. It went flawlessly.

However, I have experienced the following issue today while trying to drop a test DB (non-empty):

Page directory corruption: infimum not pointed to

followed by crash dump and restart of the server.
This occurs no matter if dropping an old (migrated) database or new one, as long as it is not empty.
Dropping a table from the DB produces the same result.

creating, inserting, altering…everything else works as far as I have observed.

Please help (or at least point me in the right direction)!


netcom wrote on Fri, 27 January 2012 17:07

You do not have to copy anything, the innobackupex would’ve handled all the copying for you. I suspect some files got overwritten causing inconsistency.

Checkout the recipes here for taking a full backup with innobackupex ecipes-ibk

We have done it like this: _xbk_restore.html

I can go with the inconsistency scenario, but would that explain the same behaviour when I create a brand new DB and then drop it?