Configuring retention policy with XtraBackup in pgBackRest style


I’m configuring my Percona MySQL database backups and I want to set up a backup policy.

Doing this with pgBackRest is very simple because there’s the concept of a repository. Within the repository I can configure the retention policy.

Also, every time I do full and incremental backups I don’t have to worry about creating new folders.

And actually, what I’m interested in is that all these backups stay in S3.

Is there any way to achieve this with XtraBackup?

I feel bad having to make a custom script for this. Coming from pgBackRest it seems strange not to have something like this in XtraBackup in a more direct way.


Hi Bruno,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, and you will have to either script it yourself or find a suitable project to base off of.

There was an interesting project for this, but I see it’s mostly abandoned now (last commit 5 yrs ago):

However, it might be worth a shot for you to try it out, or see if you can fork and modify it to fit your needs.