Configure PMM to monitor Mysql slave

I have PMM configured and successfully monitoring a Mysql cluster. I have a slave node I want to monitor for replication errors. The only status variable I see is slave_open_temp_tables. Is there another way to do this, basically I want to verify Seconds_Behind_Master and/or Slave_SQL_Running.

Hi Mikem,

You may use mysql_slave_status_seconds_behind_master metric.
Please check MySQL Replication Summary dashboard.

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Adivinho, I want to use the metric ‘Slave_SQL_Running’ but I am uncertain how to test for that. I only see numeric functions in the Condition field. This would be a Yes/No. How can I test for that in the alert?

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Please use the next formula in your alert rule.

mysql_slave_status_slave_sql_running < 1

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