Configuration Wizard

Where is the new version of Configuration Wizard? The url I’ve use before ( does not work anymore. All the links returned in a search just lead to a circular reference to tools starting page.

Hi rossiwa

This redirect will be temporary, we are doing a migration of the application to be in a container and once this is complete we’ll update this thread. Thanks!

Still not working !

Bad idea to just remove it!

Configuration Wizard still seems to be missing - would you please give us an ETA on when it’ll be back online?

Unfortunately we have withdrawn that service. This blog post explains why and suggests some viable options for you. Sorry to disappoint or inconvenience. There is contact information on this blog post if you need them. Thanks.

Ah well… It was a great tool while it lasted; I recognize that maintaining that sort of app has its costs.

Thank you for continuing to provide quality tools to the community.