Compilation of Sphinx 2.2.10 failed with Percona Server 5.6.34


I have a problem with the new release of Percona Server.
Indeed, since the release of Percona Server 5.6.34-79.1, I’m no longer able to compile Percona with the open-source search server Sphinx 2.2.10.

I used a bash script to compile the Percona Server with Sphinx 2.2.10 on Debian Wheezy 7.11.

From Percona Server 5.6.26 to Percona Server 5.6.33, the compilation always finished correctly.
With Percona Server 5.6.34, the compilation finishes correctly too.

But to test if my built module is correct, I execute the following request on the server :
“mysql> select * from foo_barfr.resa_sphinx where query= ‘bastian;limit=2000’”

From Percona Server 5.6.26 to Percona Server 5.6.33, the request works.
With Percona Server 5.6.34, I get this MySQL error : “ERROR 1033 (HY000): Incorrect information in file: './foo_barfr/resa_sphinx.frm”

The only variable between 2 tests is the version of Percona Server, the Sphinx version remains unchanged (2.2.10).

For information, my compilation options are as follows :
cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo -DBUILD_CONFIG=mysql_release -DFEATURE_SET=community -DWITH_EMBEDDED_SERVER=OFF -DENABLE_DTRACE=OFF -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=“-O3 -g -felide-constructors -fexceptions -fno-rtti -fno-strict-aliasing”

When I compare logs between compilation in 5.6.33 and 5.6.34 , only one different message appears with Percona 5.6.34 :
“Not building with MyRocks storage engine, you must specify -DWITH_ROCKSDB=1 to cmake in order to build with MyRocks.”

Do you have any idea about a difference with Sphinx and between the 2 versions of Percona Server 5.6.33 and 5.6.34 ?

If necessary, I can transfer you :
[]My compilation script
]Compilation logs with Percona Server 5.6.33
[*]Compilation logs of Percona Server 5.6.34

Please let me know if this topic is not appropriate in this forum section.