Commit latency for rows containing longblob columns..


I have two longblob columns in my table that might run into 4MB each at its peak. I see some latency while updating and committing these rows.

What I did is:

a) try committing these rows in one transaction
b) Once the transaction commit is returned back to the application, do a query using mysql client. (I use Java 1.5->Hibernate2.0->Mysql 5.1)
c) Though, I see the rows being populated - I don’t see the longblob columns populated until sometime.

Is there any missing configuration that I need to set?

Any help is appreciated.


Are you saying you have called commit from certain transaction and after commit has succeed you do not see values for longblob columns ?

This would be the bug. I would however try to create it using some simple script rather than Hybernate (Java test case is fine)