Comment in CREATE / ALTER / DROP / GRANT user command is not written into audit.log


We are using percona audit log for MySQL 8
When we execute DDL on database, we add JIRA ticket as a comment in command like
“CREATE /* XXX-0000 */ TABLE”
Normally, command including comment is written into audit.log.

{“audit_record”:{“name”:“Query”,“record”:“138720_2023-03-15T04:35:13”,“timestamp”:“2023-09-20T06:04:15Z”,“command_class”:“alter_table”,“connection_id”:“15569375”,“status”:0,“sqltext”:“alter /* XXX-0000 */ table database_name.table_name alter index index_name invisible”,“user”:“user_name[user_name] @ []”,“host”:“”,“os_user”:“”,“ip”:“”,“db”:“”,“rows”:“0”}}

But when we execute user related command (CREATE / ALTER / DROP / GRANT user), the comment is not written into audit.log, just only command is written.

{“audit_record”:{“name”:“Query”,“record”:“138789_2023-03-15T04:35:13”,“timestamp”:“2023-10-04T11:50:59Z”,“command_class”:“alter_user”,“connection_id”:“17157640”,“status”:0,“sqltext”:“ALTER USER ‘user_name’@‘’ IDENTIFIED BY ”,“user”:“user_name[user_name] @ []”,“host”:“”,“os_user”:“”,“ip”:“”,“db”:“”,“rows”:“0”}}

Does anyone know the reason or solution?

Thank you.

Hi @Tony_Jang, this sounds like a bug. Please open a JIRA at and provide these examples.