Client when using a chroot PXC

Ubuntu 18 with the latest PXC 5.7 and PMM 2

I run PXC in a chroot. I just wanted to check/confirm where I would need to also install the PMM client.

I’ve installed the PMM client on the base OS, and I’m pretty sure it’s not working. It seems to grab OS stats, but has no idea there’s a DB there.

I would have guessed that installing it on the host would allow to “see” the chroot, but perhaps not?

@marcoshaw Running PXC inside a chroot is unsupported and the behavior is unknown. You would need to configure the PMM client to connect to your PXC nodes via TCP and not using socket (the default). That’s probably the issue. Each PXC node should be listening on TCP:3306 like normal, so use the options of the pmm-admin tool to add a client connecting to your localhost address over 3306.

Hi @marcoshaw

You may try to add service for monitoring by specifying used socket in the chroot environment.