Chunk error when I use --tables but not when I omit that flag

So this is strange… I had been using this command…we have a simple master - replica setup

./pt-table-checksum -u username -p password --databases databasename --no-check-binlog-format --nocheck-replication-filters

but in order to check a single table I tried adding --tables tablename flag

on one particular table, when I do that I get a chunk error

it says “skipping table tablename because on the master it would be checksummed in one chunk but on the replica it has too many rows”

and it says that the replica has 2309 rows and the master has 2308 rows

But if I do a “select count(*) from tablename” on the replica and the master it confirms that each actually has exactly 1900 rows

and once again, if I omit the --tables tablename parameters it doesn’t error out on any table. It is only when I use the --tables tablename parameter that this table causes an error

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!