Choosing a server

Hi guys,

I’m choosing a new server for the upcoming dedicated mysql server.

Few questions:

  1. SCSI 15k, SCSI 10k, Raptor 10k in RAID 10?
  2. Server options:

a) AMD Opteron 870, 8x2.0GhZ, 1000Mhz CPU, 8x1MB CPU Cache, DDR400 ECC Memory
b) Intel Xeon 5345, 8x2.33GhZ, 1333Mhz CPU, 2x8MB CPU Cache, FB-DIMM 533/677 Memory

I know it varies from application to application but let’s assume for a general high load mysql server.


Generally, choose fast small high-speed server-grade disks in RAID10 and choose the fastest CPUs you can get.