Changing service account and ports of mysql installed using percona

Hi Team,
Firstly Wanted to say it is one of the best communities I have seen for any product, thanks a lot for answering queries quickly.
We installed xtradb cluster 8.0.28 using rpms and wanted to change mysql service account which is mysql and having permission /usr/lib/mysql dir/subdir and files. We tried to change using mysql doc and tried following steps.

  1. Stop mysqld service
  2. chown -R new_user:new_user /var/lib/mysql
  3. added in my.cnf “user=new_user”
  4. started the services

But we got error while starting the service and have to roll-back.

Can you please guide how to change service account to new account.

Also wanted to know if we build from Source using “…/build-ps/./ ./pxc-build” will this command also creates RPMs?

Also along with changing user(mysql) how to change all 4 ports used by percona xtradb cluster from default as mentioned below to some other ports.

Thanks in advance

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Check the user in systemctl cat mysqld.service as well. Also, look at mysql’s error log and see what other issues might be visible.


@matthewb, Thanks a lot, changing user and group in /etc/systemd/system/mysqld.service fixed the issue and was able to start mysqld service but now unable to bootstrap first node, I have added more details regarding this in new post link below, can you please suggest.


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