Changes to RDS instance to get QAN to give examples of fingerprint queries

I had to roll back my DB instance to a snapshot and new name. All was fine except QAN, which once I upgraded I could see things and DELETE the old instance.
( curl -X “DELETE” ‘http://PMM-IP/qan-api/instances/INSTANCE-ID’ )
But now when I look at qan I’m only getting fingerprints and NOT examples. I did look to see if this was in the FAQ but it wasn’t and I did not take notes. I am using RDS and performance schema.


welcome back erino

can you check “query examples” option?


HI!!! I do read these forums regularly as usually someone has asked something similarly, tho using RDS makes things a bit more challenging. I DID upgrade my PMM to 1.2.0 which of course overwrote my custom prometheus.yml. I’m going to just use a docker command to copy over the latest prometheus.yml & add my postgres.yml to the bottom.

After I put this question here, I double checked both my QA & PROD PMM to see if they both had the problem but my prod pmm was giving me examples & my qa pmm was not. But the Config with the wheel said they were both configured to give me examples, so I think that there’s a P_S command (that is NOT in your requirements, unless you changed them for PMM 1.2.0) that I need to run in qa. I’ll post it here when I get it in case someone else on RDS has the same problems. Would be nice if the P_S settings were more fully documented in the PMM stuff.

Hi erino ,

thank you for your feedback.
I created ticket for improving our documentation.

as I can see performance schema requirement was added during 1.0.2 version release…on-rds.rst#L22

anyway, please feel free to add any information/recommendations to DOC-552 ticket,
we really want to create helpful and useful documentation.

On RDS MySQL 5.6 the events_statements_history in performance_schema.setup_consumers is NOT enabled. I checked it out:

mysql -h $QAHOST performance_schema -e “SELECT * from performance_schema.setup_consumers WHERE NAME = ‘events_statements_history’;”
mysql -h $QAHOST performance_schema -e “UPDATE performance_schema.setup_consumers SET ENABLED = ‘YES’ WHERE NAME = ‘events_statements_history’;”

You may have noticed I did NOT use the parameter file but this worked. RDS has a lot of weirdness. I’m hoping to add ProxySQL to my QA env & to the PMM. Really excited about this bit.

If I haven’t said so before - PMM is extremely helpful! I really love having it installed. I’m gonna have to add more RAM so I can add more DB instances in prod, which is way easier to do in AWS than bare metal. :slight_smile:

I may not have permissions to loginto your jira… :frowning:

Oh, sorry, documentation tickets are not publically available :frowning: (general PMM tickets are visible)
I have added information about to the ticket.
feel free to add any comments here, I will pass also any further information to the documentation team.