can't understand pmm2 qan dashboard

Tweak, why does the PMM2 document feel less detailed than PMM1? For example, the parameters of the pmm-admin command, and the QAN API are simply mentioned.

Into the title. I don’t understand why Per Query Stats query time is 43.51 sec, I thought it was 43.51ms .
There is no detailed explanation in the official document. It took me a long time to understand some Top 10 sections, but I really do n’t understand the Query Detail Section

forgot to say we use pmm2 2.2.0

Thanks Fan, I know you are a long time user and your feedback is definitely valuable to us.

I am going to share this with the team so they are aware of your concerns about the PMM2 documentation.

Thank you!

Fan, Thanks for the post, we appreciate your feedback as well as use and support of the product!

We’re aware of the bug for the per query stats which has already been reported but not yet fixed. If you would like to be notified of the fix the Jira is Our product owner is hoping to have it prioritized into one of the next sprints.

We’re also working on the documentation to create a better user experience because, as you point out, there is plenty of room to improve it! We’re bringing PMM1 and PMM2 documentation closer to parity, making it more readily apparent which version of the documentation you are looking at, and linking between versions to make switching more seamless should you land on the right content for the wrong version.

Our longer term aim is to create better separation between reference manuals and user guides which will be an iterative process but will be happening bit by bit every release.

Thank you @steve.hoffman . I will try upgrade our pmm2 to the last release