can't find space when apply log

When I run:
innobackupex --apply-log --use-memory=4G /path_of_back

I got lots of “cannot find space” but it still completed with OK, does it matter or not?



As far as your backup completed successfully, it does not matter but --use-memory option is for how much memory should be allocated for preparing a backup and you are giving 4G. Looks like your server doesn’t have that much free memory and that’s why it gives warning like “cannot find space”. Can you provide full output of backup command?

As per the documentation, if you have enough available memory, 1GB to 2GB is a good recommended value.


I have a server with 96GB of RAM that’s not doing anything at the moment except trying to restore a full backup of a moderately-large database (about 1.5 TB). I specified --use-memory=30GB, which one would think wouldn’t be a problem. I did get a couple dozen (cannot find space: 1715) messages while Innobackupex was “Starting an apply batch of log records” at the 90% mark, but things seem to have recovered and continued.

The documentation, while quite lovely, doesn’t really address itself adequately to moderately-large databases; many of the docs seem to think 16GB is an extraordinarily large amount of RAM.

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Are you doing any DDLs during backup? What is your full backup command? H