Canot bring the 3th node up

When I attempt to startup the 3th node, I met this error:

2022-01-13T08:03:32.978322Z 0 [Note] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] Proceeding with SST.........
2022-01-13T08:03:33.036563Z 0 [Note] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] ............Waiting for SST streaming to complete!
2022-01-13T08:12:38.715388Z 0 [Note] [MY-000000] [Galera] Created page /mysql/pxc/data/ of size 592621440 bytes
2022-01-13T08:12:51.193262Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] Killing SST (27632) with SIGKILL after stalling for 120 seconds
2022-01-13T08:12:51.217686Z 0 [Note] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] /usr/bin/wsrep_sst_xtrabackup-v2: line 183: 27634 killed               socat -u openssl-listen:4444,reuseaddr,cert=/mysql/pxc/data//server-cert.pem,key=/mysql/pxc/data//server-key.pem,cafile=/mysql/pxc/data//ca.pem,verify=1,retry=30 stdio
2022-01-13T08:12:51.217754Z 0 [Note] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST]      27635                       | /usr/bin/pxc_extra/pxb-8.0/bin/xbstream -x
2022-01-13T08:12:51.218372Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] ******************* FATAL ERROR ********************** 
2022-01-13T08:12:51.218550Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] Error while getting data from donor node:  exit codes: 137 137
2022-01-13T08:12:51.218628Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] Line 1268
2022-01-13T08:12:51.218722Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] ****************************************************** 
2022-01-13T08:12:51.219631Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP-SST] Cleanup after exit with status:32
2022-01-13T08:12:51.431617Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP] Process completed with error: wsrep_sst_xtrabackup-v2 --role 'joiner' --address '' --datadir '/mysql/pxc/data/' --basedir '/usr/' --plugindir '/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/' --defaults-file '/etc/my.cnf' --defaults-group-suffix '' --parent '27097' --mysqld-version '8.0.23-14.1'   '' : 32 (Broken pipe)
2022-01-13T08:12:51.431820Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP] Failed to read uuid:seqno from joiner script.
2022-01-13T08:12:51.431892Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [WSREP] SST script aborted with error 32 (Broken pipe)
2022-01-13T08:12:51.432257Z 3 [Note] [MY-000000] [Galera] Processing SST received
2022-01-13T08:12:51.432372Z 3 [Note] [MY-000000] [Galera] SST request was cancelled
2022-01-13T08:12:51.432458Z 3 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [Galera] State transfer request failed unrecoverably: 32 (Broken pipe). Most likely it is due to inability to communicate with the cluster primary component. Restart required.

Who can give me help? Thanks a lot.

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My PXC cluster is 8.0.23, now there are 2 nodes running in CentOS 7.

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Your log indicates that port 4444 is not open TCP/UDP to all hosts. Make sure all necessary ports (3306, 4444, 4567, 4568) are open between all nodes.

Thanks for your reply, but I am sure I have closed firewall between all nodes.
Maybe there is some other issues?

Such issue appeared once it is not possible to connect to the needed port. So please recheck your firewall options


That’s your problem. You need to OPEN the firewall between nodes, not close it. Use socat or nc to test connectivity between nodes on the ports I mentioned.

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Many thanks to you all, I will do this according to your suggest

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I will post the final result when I finished doing this.
But now I met some trouble, wait some days.

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It is ok now.
According to your suggest, I modified the netfilter rules on all nodes like this:

  1. Accept all input
  2. Clear all netfilter rules
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables -F
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables -X
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables -Z
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT
[root@db-1 ~]#  iptables-save
# Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Mon Jan 24 11:33:23 2022
:INPUT ACCEPT [884:105489]
:OUTPUT ACCEPT [685:162312]
-A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT
# Completed on Mon Jan 24 11:33:23 2022

Now the cluster works fine.
Thank you again!

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