Cannot show graphs on MySQL Replication with client MySQL version 8.0

Dear Supporters,

I installed pmm-server version 1.17.4. It’s working perfectly with client MySQL version 5.7. But when I tried to select the host which run MySQL 8.0 on the dashboard MySQL Replication. I’ve got 2 issues:

1/ I could not find the host which is role master

2/ When i chose the host which is role slave, It could not show the graphs like this:

Could you please help me fix this issue ?

Thank you in advance!


PMM1 is using mysqld_exporter that is based on version 0.10.0 of the upstream exporter.

So changes that are related to compatibility with mysql 8.0 had not been included.

Dear Adivinho,

I tried to understand what you mention but I don’t know how to change it. Could you explain and show me more details what I need to do ? I am sorry about that I’m new in grafana and Prometheus.

Thank you !

There are few possible ways to collect binlogs metrics of MySQL 8.x instance in pmm1:

create an own build of percona/mysqld_exporter with changes that were done in the

prepare a custom query for collecting binlogs metrics (here is a link

  • with an instruction of creating and using custom queries in PMM1)