Cannot remove lock file for percona proxy sql scheduler admin

I have followed the directions here to setup percona proxysql-admin-tool with Percona Scheduler Admin. Looks like the cluster and everything got setup properly, but the below message is constantly in my log files for proxysql:

^[[35m[FATAL]^[[0m:2023-03-06 16:37:29 - Cannot remove lock file remove /var/run/pxc_scheduler_handler/10_HG_100_W_HG_101_R: no such file or directory

No one likes seeing FATAL in their logs, especially when it comes to database stuff.


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Hi @Anand_Siva welcome to the Percona forums!

Thank you for identifying this issue. May I suggest that you please file an improvement via Jira so that w can track and properly address? Thanks!