Cannot find the newly import data from PMM after successful import using pmm-dump


We need to export PMM metrics of one database to another PMM. Tried to use pmm-dump. The export and import both got successful messages. However, cannot find the newly copied metrics in destination PMM. Cannot find the instance in “PMM Inventory” and cannot find the service name in MySQL panel.

Steps to Reproduce:

Export PMM data from one PMM and import into another PMM


PMM version 2.12.0 docker container
pmm-dump v0.7.0-ga, Build: 0d49b27


let me know any log can help to troubleshot this issue

Expected Result:

able to see the performance diagram of database of import metrics in second PMM

Actual Result:

cannot find the metrics of database in second PMM

Additional Information:


@frelist, It should work as expected on the latest version of PMM and it’s integrated into PMM UI already PMM 2.41.0 - Percona Monitoring and Management