Can PMM generate health check reports?

The Reports feature allows us to generate reports specific to certain areas of interest, such as database performance, replication, and capacity planning. The reports can be very helpful for identifying issues and optimizing out MySQL environment.but i can’t find report button and my version : 2.34.0

Greetings Eric,

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I am not sure where are you reading that text and it’d be great if you can point me to that. In my experience I have never used a “report” button even in 2.36.0. (or with your help I’m about to learn that trick :slight_smile: )
What I know from documentation is the way to pull the data from server component as of version 2.29.0 but probably that’s not what you’re looking for.

Please share the source of “The Reports feature…”.


Hi Eric,

Report functionality is available in Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced and in Grafana Enterprise.

To expand on this:

PMM uses the open source community version of Grafana as the base. Since the reporting feature is only available in Grafana Cloud Pro, Advanced, and Grafana Enterprise, you won’t find this reporting feature in PMM.

Thank you guy! By the way do we have an alternative solution, to do db check list by web ui?