Can not delete existing panel

Hello all,
Well, it was available before but i dont know what happened right now. My problem is i can not delete or edit “some” of my panels. Mostly disk usage ones. My dahsborad editable and other than disk usage panels, i can edit&delete others. Can anybody have an idea about it?

Hi Ghan,
Is it your custom dashboard?
What PMM version do you use?

Yes, i created it. My PMM version is 2.6.1. Iwas able to that a time ago but now no luck :frowning:

Could you check a role of your user?

already did, it has admin right.

Could you export and import the dashboard back?

I tried but result is the same. I also checked JSON output of dahsboard and every panel are “editable:true” . I dont know why this is happening…