Can I restore partial backups to a standard MySQL 5.6 server?

I’d like to use the partial backup feature to backup specific databases on a replica. If I have to recreate the replica, I can then restore those specific databases (which do not exist on the master, incidentally). When I read the documentation about restoring partial backups, it seems to indicate that we can only restore partial backups to a Percona XtraDB server. However, the examples used are for backing up just a single table. I want to backup a whole database and restore them.

Example: My server contains databases “shopping”, “shopping_archive”, “email”, “email_archive”. I want to backup just those databases whose names end in “_archive”. These do not exist on my master server. If I have to recreate the slave, I want to restore my latest “archive” backup to recover those extra databases.

Is this possible with just standard MySQL 5.6 Community Edition?


Hi David,

Yes, you can take partial backups for database/tables and can restore it on MySQL 5.6 Community Server.
For that, you need to create tables manually on MySQL 5.6 first, DISCARD TABLESPACE, copy .cfg and .ibd file for table and finally IMPORT TABLESPACE on destination server. This feature is named as Transportable Tablespace. You can read further about it here

Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply.