Bootstrap Node

Hi All,

I have a cluster setup with 5 nodes
node1 - bootstrap
node2, node3, node4, node5

Unfortunately, node 1 was shut down, so I have started as a normal node. Currently, my network doesn’t have any bootstrap. How to start the node1 as bootstrap. I know if i need to start as bootstrap I need to stop all node 2 - 5 then restart the Node 1 as Bootstrap.

Is there is any other procedure to start bootstrap.

Any solution for this please


Bootstrap is needed only to get the initial cluster up and running, for example when starting a new cluster or recovering a cluster from a scenario when all nodes were down.

If you had 4 nodes working when restarting node1 then bootstrap is not needed. Node1 after restart should join the cluster without any problem.

You can verify a state of a cluster with the following status variables: wsrep_ready, wsrep_local_state_comment, wsrep_cluster_size, wsrep_cluster_status.


Thanks for the solution, In meanwhile if I wanted to add a new node to the existing setup, Currently I’m doing Stopping one Node (ex. node3) adding the new node IP in Gcomm of the stopped node 3 and start the node 3. after that the new node is edited with all the ip address of the previous networks. then start it. Note. In this scenario, there is no bootstrap node in my cluster.

When adding a new node, you do not need to update the cluster address in the cluster. The new node needs to know the addresses of the nodes in the cluster. The cluster does not need to know (beforehand) of the new node.

So you only need to set the cluster address of the new node to point to at least one of the nodes in the cluster and then startup the new node. There should be no need to stop a node in the cluster.

A bootstrap node is only needed when starting up the cluster. A node, by default, will assume it is part of a cluster and will look for other nodes. So if you are starting a new cluster, you need to bootstrap the first node, so that it knows that this is for a new cluster.

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