Backup fails with spec psmdbCluster field is empty

$ kubectl describe psmdb-backup backup1

    Manager:         percona-server-mongodb-operator
    Operation:       Update
    Time:            2022-03-16T16:28:18Z
  Resource Version:  48920490
  UID:               bb5f1a77-ad83-4d9a-8ee9-567fa4f9df7a

  Error:  spec psmdbCluster field is empty
  State:  error
Events:   <none>

Any ideas what’s happening here?

This is my backup.yaml:

kind: PerconaServerMongoDBBackup
    - delete-backup
  name: backup1
  clusterName: psmdb-db
  storageName: my-s3
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Ok I just added psmdbCluster: psmdb-db and I could delete backup1 and re-apply. This psmdbCluster key is not in the official documentation. I now am seeing new error:

Error: failed to run backup: allowUnsafeConfigurations must be true to run backup on cluster with status initializing

Cluster is runnning for an hour now without any issues it seems.

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