Backup and Veeam

Another newbie quiestion about PCX cluster. I have a test enviroment running and we are planning on having 3 geographical sites with 2 DB servers on 2 of the sites and 1 server on Main site.

On the main site we have Veeam backing up our virtual enviroment, so my question is : is it nessasary to setup xtraDB Backup or other third party backup, when I backup the entire virtual machine daily ( we can live with the loss of 24 hour data in this scenario)

Are there any downsides of using Veeam to backup, I have tried to restore a server and it just starts up and rejoins the cluster in my test and things seems good - I even tried to do a total cluster fail, restore one server and bootstrap it, reinstall new nodes and join them without problems, but again its only test-data, so how are you guys doing backup if you have virtual enviroment.


@staun, if Veeam is working for you in your testing environments, and passing all of your scenarios, then that should be all you need.