Backup and Restore : one database

Hi everyone ,

I want to backup one database and restore it .
Here is my cmd for backup : innobackupex --user=root --password=*** --databases=myDB /data/backup/mysql/
But when I want to restore : innobackupex --ibbackup=xtrabackup --copy-back /data/backup/mysql/
there is this error : /var/lib/mysql Original data directory is not empty!

No way to restore only one database ?

Hi saidassoumani;

Unfortunately you cannot simply copy in a partial backup like that; you basically have to restore all of the tables individually from the partial backup. So if you are trying to restore a single database with 10 tables into your running server, then you will be importing each of those 10 tables individually.

Below are some tutorials from Percona that walk you through the process: