Azure metrics exporter not working


Azure metrics exporter not working

Steps to Reproduce:

Enable Azure Monitoring technical preview feature. Add managed database service and enable Azure metrics checkbox while doing so.




Entry seen in logs:

[31mERROe[0m[2023-08-07T12:05:08.596+00:00] ts=2023-08-07T12:05:08.596Z caller=main.go:61 level=error Received400statusforresource/subscriptions/<subscription_ID_redacted>/resourceGroups/rg-cloud-dev/providers/Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/flexibleServers/pg-cloud-dev/providers/microsoft.insights/metrics?aggregationAverage&api-version2018-01-01&metricnamescpu_percent%2Cmemory_percent%2Cstorage_percent%2Cstorage_used%2Cstorage_limit%2Cnetwork_bytes_egress%2Cnetwork_bytes_ingress&timespan2023-08-07T12%3A01%3A08Z%2F2023-08-07T12%3A02%3A08Z.=(MISSING)  e[31magentIDe[0m=/agent_id/c5755af7-4b55-4ebb-bb7a-98c9316c68d4 e[31mcomponente[0m=agent-process e[31mtypee[0m=azure_database_exporter

Expected Result:

Fetch metrics from Azure successfully

Actual Result:

Failing with error 4xx

Additional Information:

Also, the Qan agent also seems to be stuck in Waiting state. I notice that this can be fixed by specifying the database name to a specific custom one but it always defaults to postgres even though i specify a different database while adding the service on PMM.

@ben5556_K , what about Azure instance metrics on the Node Summary dashboard? Do you see the data here?
As the Azure exporter is to collect Node metrics and is not related to the QAN agent.