Any news on 8.0.35, with the massive insert improvements?

The insert bugfix in 8.0.35 offers an amazing improvement on inserts, up to a 6x improvement.

I realise that it’s pretty recent in the grand scheme of things, but is there any chance 35 is being fast-tracked?

For those that missed it: was fixed in this commit and appears to have made a lot of people very happy 8)

Or is there any possibility it could it be backported into an updated 34 release?

Hi @Rob_Thomas,
We won’t be backporting anything to .34, as that requires just as much effort as working on the next release of .35 which I’ve seen our engineers mention is going to QA this week for possible release next week. No guarantees on that though as I’m not in that department. You’re not the only one eagerly awaiting this :wink:

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