all mysql query thread ACTIVE waiting in InnoDB queue ,how to resulte it !!!

I have deleted 20000 rows and repeat 60 , then all mysql query thread ACTIVE 43 sec waiting in InnoDB queue display :Mutex at 0x98b69da8 ‘&log_sys->log_flush_order_mutex’, lock var 1 --Thread 139688494044928 has waited at btr0sea.c line 1123 for 0.0000 seconds the semaphore, how to resulte it ?

—TRANSACTION 25C337CA23, ACTIVE 27 sec waiting in InnoDB queue
mysql tables in use 2, locked 0
MySQL thread id 24790014, OS thread handle 0x7f0ae8be3700, query id 7657691194 txxx Sending data
FROM book_pas bp
where bp.bk_id = 412122

and bp.part_num >= 111

and bp.is_charge= 1
FROM sub785 s
WHERE = s.chapter_id
AND bp.book_id = s.book_id
AND s.user_id = 221221)
Trx read view will not see trx with id >= 25C337CA24, sees < 25C3355CA5
—TRANSACTION 25C337C9F5, ACTIVE 27 sec waiting in InnoDB queue


Hello leonardowalsh we need a bit more to go on before we can give help.The first post is really old. For guidelines on how to help other forum users to help you then you can check out this post

As a minimum really we need to know what version of software you are working on, error logs, situation leading to any problem you are seeing, OS info, impact on your application etc.

Also please start a new thread - as this one wasn’t active when it was raised there’s almost zero chance of a Forum user picking up on it now.

Thanks! And welcome to the Forum. FYI, new users are moderated to help to avoid spam.