After configuring proxy PMM-Server docker container becomes unhealthy

I have pulled pmm-server & start the container from the pulled image. To use internet in pmm-server I need to go through proxy. I have configured proxy at docker demon & system level. Once I start the container from that image it’s showing unhealthy. service is running fine but container showing unhealthy. Docker demon & container can reach internet but container becomes unhealthy… How can I make container healthy ?

This is how I configured Proxy at Docker:

At demon: [root@ ~]# systemctl edit docker


At docker client: [root@ ~]# cat .docker/config.json

     "httpProxy": "http://Proxy_Server_IP:Port",
     "httpsProxy": "http://Proxy_Server_IP:Port",
     "noProxy": ""

Can you provide output from:

docker exec pmm-server supervisorctl status

where pmm-server is the container name.

Also, do you see any errors in pmm-managed logs in container?

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Hi Nikita,
Thanks for your reply & time.

This are the output of your shared command.
# docker exec pmm-server-8 supervisorctl status

alertmanager                     RUNNING   pid 24, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
clickhouse                       RUNNING   pid 15, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
cron                             RUNNING   pid 18, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
dashboard-upgrade                EXITED    Jan 05 12:02 PM
dbaas-controller                 STOPPED   Not started
grafana                          RUNNING   pid 16, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
nginx                            RUNNING   pid 17, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
pmm-agent                        RUNNING   pid 30, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
pmm-managed                      RUNNING   pid 29, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
pmm-update-perform               STOPPED   Not started
postgresql                       RUNNING   pid 14, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
prometheus                       STOPPED   Not started
qan-api2                         RUNNING   pid 140, uptime 14 days, 23:58:25
victoriametrics                  RUNNING   pid 19, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26
vmalert                          RUNNING   pid 20, uptime 14 days, 23:58:26

# cat pmm-managed.log | grep "Error"

No error in this log file

Can you grep log like this pls:

cat /srv/logs/pmm-managed.log | grep -v INFO

also, can you give output from this command:

docker exec pmm-server curl
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