Adding new node and

Hello, I have two different clusters, one with 3 nodes and the other with 5 nodes.

Both clusters have:

mysql Ver 8.0.35-27.1 for Linux on x86_64 (Percona XtraDB Cluster (GPL), Release rel27, Revision 84d9464, WSREP version

My question is whether I can add a node to the cluster without requiring a service restart before taking a backup and importing it.

When I check with ‘show status like ‘wsrep%’;’, will I be able to see the newly added node without restarting? My goal is to add the node here, then after it syncs, remove it from the cluster and switch to the new cluster, running it as ‘mysql@bootstrap.service’, and then add the other nodes to it

Yes, absolutely! PXC fully supports adding new nodes online.

Hi Matthewb,

Does it allow me to add a new node without restarting the service? Or do I need to restart the service regardless?

Yes, that’s what “online” means :wink: