Add mongodb client ,but can't show in grafana.

Add mongodb client ,but can’t show in grafana.

Hi kaky2000,

can you share the output of command?

Plz have a look.

hm is all MongoDB dashboards don’t work or only one?

can you check if data exists in prometheus?
[]open url
]put metric into “Expression” field
[]click “Execute” button
]choose “Graph” tab
[*]make screenshot
[/LIST] and the same thing for metric?

Appreciates so much.
I have 6 mongodb clients(zcpzjjr1…zcpzjjr3) ,they work ,but when i add another 3 clients,they can’t show in grafana,which name is cpzx1…
you could check the pic.

Hi kaky2000 ,

sorry, Could you please make screenshots one more time, I need to see full metric names in the legend of the graph?

metric don’t exist, screenshots is another metric

can you make a screenshot of targets page? [url]http://PMM-Server-IP/prometheus/targets[/url]
are all hosts exists on it?
what PMM Server version do you use?

all hosts exists on it? yes, you can see three mongo clients in the red square,which can’t show in the grafana.
and the version is 1.1.5

ah, these hosts not exist in any cluster…

could you change the host filter?
0. open needed dashboard.

  1. click on settings button
  2. click “”
  3. click on " variable
  4. change “”
  5. click “update” button
  6. save dashboard (diskette icon)

It work,thank you so much.

thank you for your bug report
I created the ticket [url][PMM-1289] label_values() for MongoDB Overview dashboard hides MongoDB instances with undefined cluster name - Percona JIRA
feel free to add any additional information into it