Access log !!

Hello again,

I need to get the list of IP address from where the percona mysql has been accessed (Mysql access log) and also if possible any dump command that has been issued.

On viewing the servers conf file ( /etc/my.cnf ) , I do not see any access log enabled or mentioned in it, How else can i get these details.

Please assist !!

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You can log every query. That will only log those connections that actually executed at least one query.

Alternatively, use the Per-Client Performance Counters in Percona server. See [url]Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 - Documentation — Percona Server 8.0 Documentation

Hello “gmouse”

Basically, The issue is, My client thinks some one is snooping into the DB server and stealing away data and he needs to know what are the ips from where the DB server has been accessed so that necessary action can be taken.

But since i don’t see any access log on the server i am a bit confused as to where do i get the data from :frowning:

Is there something in this regards that you can assist with ?

Thank you for your time.


There is no MySQL “access log”. As gmouse said if you want to get IP information you will need to enable general or slow query log or use Percona’s userstat feature. He has posted the link.


Thank you for your revert “miguelangelnieto”, But since neither general nor slow query has been enabled to avoid disk space issues …

I appreciate your response to my query and enlightening me on the same.

Thank you