A bug with Percona 5.5.37 latest - no shut down after HandlerSocket installation

Hello !
I’ve me a bug after upgrade to latest Percona 5.5.37.

Before HandlerSocket installed
[root@falc238]# service mysql stop
Shutting down MySQL (Percona Server)… SUCCESS!

But after successful installation of HandlerSocket (included to Percona 5.5) - Percona server does not shut down until I break this neverending process by Ctrl-C as below
[root@falc238]# service mysql stop
Shutting down MySQL (Percona Server)…^C

Same situation is I use RESTART
[root@falc238]# service mysql restart
Shutting down MySQL (Percona Server)…^C

But when I remove HandlerSocket - Percona 5.5.37 restarts and shutdowns without a problem.

Please, let me know a solution - or note this bug to be fixed with next Percona 5.5 updates.


Confirm the existence of the problem for the same version of Percona under Debian / Ubuntu
Besides the fact that this plugin does not work stop / restart MySQL service, it opens up hundreds of compounds, which then can not close and as a consequence does not stop. By passing this consumes many memory.

check this bug report [url]https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-server/+bug/1319904[/url]

No doubt - Percona engineers are very smart ! Why not create an own variant of native Percona plugin what makes the same what HandlerSocket does ?
I mean direct NoSQL work with MySQL database…let’s say standard INSERT works as usually, but something like INSERTNS command Percona understands and perform as NoSQL operation. For a simple bulk INSERT, for example.
Guess this idea could be naive.