8.0 - --galera-info --no-backup-locks does not create xtrabackup_galera_info

  1. Is innobackupex deprecated for 8.0?

  2. Doing xtrabackup with --galera-info --no-backup-locks does not create the xtrabackup_galera_info file.

Bigger question: is manual SST viable? I.e. create a backup on DONOR

xtrabackup --backup --galera-info --no-backup-locks

assuming this works, but I couldn’t find xtrabackup_galera_info…

Transfer backup directory to putative JOINER, prep, copy-back then attempt to join cluster.

MariaDB still has a manual SST article, but I didn’t find anything similar for PXC.

  1. Yes, innobackupex has been deprecated on 2.4 and completely removed on 8.0
  2. That is still possible. File is created at --prepare phase:

[root@marcelo–pxc-2 ~]# cat /tmp/backup/xtrabackup_info | grep version

tool_version = 8.0.13

ibbackup_version = 8.0.13

server_version = 8.0.20-11.3

[root@marcelo–pxc-2 ~]# cat /tmp/backup/xtrabackup_galera_info


Thank you! Can I confirm that --no-backup-locks is needed for --galera-info/manual SST to work?

You don’t need --no-backup-locks for it to work. However, I would advise you to use --lock-ddl to block DDLs while taking the backup.