3 node cluster on the same machine in production


I am trying to figure it out if it’s worth running a 3 node cluster in production, on the same physical machine (the client allocated us a single physical machine, this will be discussed further and can be changed but for now this is the situation).

If the machine goes down, the app goes down because all 3 nodes will be down. As for data safety in case of a disaster, the whole storage is replicated with sub millisecond latency to another location, so data will not be lost but we will have downtime.

Is it worth a cluster on the same machine? Or simply run a single DB node? I don’t see much advantage to run a cluster on the same machine, but maybe I am wrong.

Thank you.

Hello @Sorin_C ,

No, it is not. You will waste CPU/memory by doing this.

Yes, do this, and maybe look at a remote replica as a hot standby.